Montague 21

30 October 2016

The Montague 21 ~

On a rare sunny day in Melbourne I packed up my husband and his parents to see some display homes. Boy oh boy the first houses were sooooo exciting and shiny and amazing and this is so much fun!!! and about five display homes in and this is melting my brain, I can't see another display home, I think I'll just pitch a tent on our land and call it a day.
Looking at the quality of the Porter Davis display homes we decided we are probably going to go with them, so I opened my phone (Praise to the gods of smart phones who enables us to see display homes with a few clicks) and saw the layout of the Montague 21 and had a great feeling that this is the house we've been looking for. After convincing my husband that the real deal is waiting for us in a display village about an hour and a half away we went to our very last display home. As we went into the Ibiza display of the Montague 21 (with the 4th bedroom, living, extended kitchen and grand alfresco options) my husband and I looked at each other and said "this is it". The greatness of the Montague is that it is efficiently and beautifully built. I love the big window in the kitchen and how you can see the whole back yard from the living areas. In my opinion it is the best configuration of open concept living. As we were indulging in the excitement of our new treasure we received a call from our Porter Davis sales consultant (coincidence? more like FATE!) who was excited to hear we found the house of our dreams and proceeded to crush it by telling us how much the site costs will be- a whooping 43k dollars!!!!!! 😬

Just what we need!

The sales consultant was an amazing person to deal with, is extremely friendly and understanding and took his time to explain in details the pricing. It's not about the fact that we need to pay 43k for the build but the surprise that we need to. Every big spend we have as long as we are aware that it's going to be big then we go to it with a smile.
After we received our land we revisited him and signed the contract, by that time the prices went up but there were pretty good special offers. The access range (our precious Montague) in that time made itself unavailable to our zone but because our lot is just on the edge of the zone and we already discussed building that house he allowed us to go with the Montague at no extra charge- did I say how amazing he is already? well, he is!
Honestly, my experience with Porter Davis thus far has been nothing but pleasant.

Plain on the outside, extraordinary on the inside!

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