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08 October 2016

How to choose your house and construction company.

The process of building a house is very confusing and can get stressful. Financially, it is very difficult to gauge how much it will actually cost you. What is included in the price of the standard house? what about hidden costs of electricity? blinds? furniture? fence? OMG! can we afford this? No way I am getting a laminate bench-top, how expensive is the stone upgrade? a simple google search will reveal upgrade lists of what other buyers paid for. Thank god for the kind people who prepared me to the approximately 13k dollars I ended up paying for the kitchen upgrades in WOS. If it weren't for them I would have had a heart attack instead of a good time picking my dream kitchen.
The other decision which is one of the hardest is with what building company to go with. Going through display homes with their designer furniture and top of the range finishes , you can't stop yourself from thinking, I can live here! But don't be blinded by the billions of LED light-fixtures that make the houses seem to sparkle, look at the floors- do they look even? do they squeak? look at the corners, is the craftsmanship good? are there any weird edges to the house? look at the roof at the bricks, look at the actual house, this is what you're mainly paying for. google the building company that you like their display home, read reviews carefully. I find that some people write bad reviews because a sales person didn't get back to them soon enough, even though it is annoying, it is not a legitimate reason to go for a different builder. legitimate reasons are problems with the structure of the house, the slab, the craftsmanship.
twinkle twinkle LED light

After talking to some friends who built with Porter Davis we decided to put them at the top of our list together with Carlisle Homes and Burbank.
And off we went to the glamorous world of display villages...
One story or two stories? standard range home or luxury range?
It's easy to get distracted by amazing grand houses but we had to remember that we don't need or want (or afford really) a grand house with so much to clean, with the money we are saving we can afford to decorate the hell out of our new home and get all the upgrades we want. Also, if you think about it, it takes just 1 iRobot to clean a single story home :) and honestly, I am sooooo lazy, I detest staircases. Even though two story homes provide more yard space they require me to do unwanted activities. No thank you.

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