Montague 21

10 September 2016

The story of our land

That fence needs to go
A few months ago our rental apartment in Coburg got broken into (as many apartments do in Coburg). As we were considering where to move next we've decided to buy a house instead of wasting money on rent. We looked into buying in Altona North as Yarraville is no longer anywhere near our price range, honestly, the price spike this year also made Altona North out of our price range but any further than that and I'd have to camp outside my work place in the extremely expansive suburb of Hawthorn to get to work on time. As I was browsing through the I stumbled upon a piece of land in Altona North well within our price range!! (suspicious!) we swooped in, made an offer and got our piece of land, in a close proximity to the oil refinery... oh well... can't have it all and hopefully it closes down one day.
Our glorious land
The pic shows the land as 550 but is actually 557m2 WIN!!

Now on to finding the right house at the right price.... exciting times!!! 


  1. Hi, I think we are building next to you at number 8. We are are the early stages yet and plan to start in July/August.

    1. Indeed you are! I sent you a reply on the homeone forum... I hope you'll have a great build and don't hesitate to ask any questions about the process :)