Montague 21

03 May 2017

Site start and why we can't have nice things

Yesterday 2.5.2017 our site excavations have finally commence!! woot woot!! how exciting! well.... actually, not really... because the universe decided that I can't have nice things (just being first world, spoiled white woman dramatic here, sorry) it has given me ASBESTOS!!! yep, asbestos. Not just any asbestos, asbestos contaminated soil. I talked to my BC she said it wont cost us money because it's already site start but it will cost us time as they can't do anything until professionals take it all out.
UPDATE (15.5): or that's at least what she told me over the phone. I suppose PD realizing how much it will cost to get rid of asbestos contaminated soil, they decided to look at the contract and see if there is anything they can find to somehow lay it on us. So we need to get a site scrape of approx 140mm and get rid of it as contaminated soil which cost us about 30k. I filed a complaint with dbdrv and will hopefully hear from them soon and they will tell me if indeed it is supposed to be paid by us or by Porter Davis. If we are supposed to pay for it then I will try and see if there is a case against the person who sold me the lot and see if he will pay for it. Apparently because it is so expensive to dump asbestos in legal dumping grounds then people just dump it either in residential vacant lots or even in public parks!! it's outrageous to think that because the government isn't providing a cheap way to dispose of asbestos people around the community sometimes suffer asbestos exposure. It is not cheap to get rid of asbestos and it's not going to go on the mortgage so someone with a lesser conscious than me might have considered disposing of it illegally. Probably like the person who just dug a hole in my land and threw asbestos in it..

At least it seems like it will be a two day job and will be done this week so we can start getting this increasingly expensive house done.

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