Montague 21

23 July 2017

We have a SLAB!!!! AND A FRAME!!!!

Week 3: Last week on Monday we had the pre-pour inspection done by Darbbeca, they only found some minor things to rectify and Porter Davis fixed them on the spot. The concrete was poured the next day on Tuesday. We thought we'd go check out our new slab over the weekend but we never expected the surprise that awaited us on our lot... In a few days they made huge progress on the frame and even brought in all the windows and doors.
Not just a slab!!
Front of the house
We were ecstatic going through the house and seeing where everything is going to be.
You can imagine how the house is going to turn out and add big windows for a nice effect but nothing beats seeing how nice and big everything is
kitchen window as seen from the alfresco

bedroom and second living area windows, large and in charge! 

The huge window we added to the living room
The house is overlooking the oil refinery. If you've watched the movie "The Castle" then we are almost living the Australian dream! Location, location, location! thanks to this movie we are more amused by this view than annoyed by its monstrosity...
'It's a real testament to men's ability to produce [oil]" (The Castle)
Our very own castle! couldn't be happier!!!

We have yet to hear from our site supervisor. As long as he is doing his job then he can stay in the shadows for all I care. But would be nice to get a call and get some sort of timeline.
Yep- we still don't have one o' them fancy timelines everyone puts in their blogs. 

We also got to meet our very nice neighbors. They were kind enough to come and meet us for a chat. It is very reassuring knowing that you're going to live in a nice neighborhood with lovely people. :) 

So, to be continued...........


  1. We were amazed at how much had happened in a week. It was lovely to meet you both :)

    1. Really hope you guys start soon, you have an open invitation for coffee when you move in :)

  2. Must be such a relief to finally see progress, and lots of progress at that! Very excited for you.

    1. Thank you Nikki! It definitely is! Was getting really down at some stage and wouldn't think of the house without anxiety, it's so good to be happy about it again :) hope you get your dream house soon, the Vancouver is such a beauty~~~ I think it's my dream house too ;)

  3. I hope so to, really hoping we get the planning permit today. I really thought they may have pushed it through quicker considering it was their mistake we didn't have one! No such look, the 60 day time frame will be up next week so they have to issue it soon. Then building permit and I don't even know what else. Our BC said then they have to finalise the drawing for us to sign off, even though we signed off on drawings months ago at our contract? Nothing has changed since then. I am a bit like you were, the excitement has very much dwindled.