Montague 21

13 September 2017

Site visit

Week 11 to the build

Finally I was able to see my beautiful kitchen up close, it was magnificent!! I am so happy we decided to spend all that money on the kitchen upgrades (You can see all the upgrades and pricing in this post: ).

There are boards covering the stone for protection


Was worried the stone would be too blend, the tiny sample they give you in WoS is not very attractive, I was so happy to see how glorious the stone is.

The bins
Wasn't too impressed by the size of the bins, they are too small and there's lots of dead room underneath. That being said, it might be good to throw the trash before there's too much of it. right now we live on the third floor so throwing out the garbage is such a hassle, might not be that much of a hassle in the new house :)

Need ideas on what to do with the space between the cupboards and the window
I bet we could have had a bigger window there but the lady in our tender was too lazy to check how big we can actually have it and just went as safe as she could. would have looked so nice having a big window there especially since it's the only north facing window in our living/kitchen/dining area..

The bathroom cabinets are also in. I truly regret not upgrading to stone in the bathroom and kept the included laminate bench-tops, I hope it will look better once the sink is in and it's given a proper dusting off.

Last thing is the render... You can still see the outline of the bricks I hope it's not the finished product

Approximate move in date is still end of October, can't wait!!!!!!!!!

Next week I am flying to Israel for 2.5 weeks for the Jewish New Years. Will probably go see the house a few days after I come back... :)


  1. All exciting stuff. The kitchen is looking great. Ours in hopefully starting to be built in October so you'll be able to watch ours going up. Have a good time in Israel x

    1. Thank you Cathrine!
      I hope your house goes up fast, we'll be able to keep an eye out for you. And don't be shy about asking us for photos of your build :)