Montague 21

16 August 2017


We are at week 6.
So far we had 3 inspections: Slab pre-pour, slab+frame, pre-plaster+frame re-inspection.
I am pleased with choosing to have all the inspections, it makes sure that I am involved in the process, that I get informed when and if mistakes are going to be rectified. Above all I think that it keeps the builders on their toes. They really need to do a good job first time around or it will delay the build which is already way behind schedule... next month they will need to start paying us for delays and there are at least two more months to the finish line.

DH had a job near Altona North so he drove by the house to take a pic, looks like the brickwork is coming along nicely.

Plaster starts next week and in two more weeks the bricks should all be done and we will pay for the lock up stage :)
<3 ~ 


  1. Looking good! Have they found many defects? We have decided to use New Home Inspections.

    1. Yeah, they found a few but we have the best site supervisor, he has been tackling all of the mistakes, he sends me pics of things they rectified and they plaster over so I know that they fixed it.
      In retrospect I would have gone with New Home Inspections. It's all the same anyway but New Home have more time for you and they cost less..