Montague 21

24 November 2017


Where do I start? handover is such an odd day. You get the keys but you shouldn't start moving in just yet so all the tradies can get their jobs done. So make sure you have supplies for that day! Food you can eat out of a packet, get disposable everything, get some tea bags, if you're really keen to stay the night like I was then go to Kmart, get a blowup mattress, they have pretty good ones for cheap. Don't forget to bring towels and bed sheets and clothes to change. And don't forget to bring your laptop with movies and shows and a good book to keep you going. Bring some cleaning materials to start preparing for the move. They might clean the house before you move in but it may not be up to your standard or due to the traffic in the house since it was last clean it now demands another sweep. We received a welcome home tea gift from Porter Davis. We got our amazing site supervisor a thank you gift as well, I am just glad it was just him at the handover and we didn't need to suffer through seeing our building coordinator. On the morning of handover we met with him, took a couple of hours for him to go through the house with us explain what they did and what needs to be done, there rest of the day is just a long waiting game for tradies to come.

On the day we moved they finally installed the stove top!
You beautiful giant

We went overboard (or just right on the board) with buying tons of new things for the new house and we made sure that most of the things will be delivered exactly on handover day.
So....a new 75" TV from the good guys, I think I'm in love with it~
had to keep this baby boxed for a whole day until we got the TV stand

A wool rug from Pottery Barn
was 50% off when I bought it! 
A sofa and a dining table from Early Settler, the chairs will arrive later, they're not in stock :( 
Used the Tea gift box as a temp desk

Under all this mess is a beautiful table honestly! 

We got a pretty good deal with our movers, got them off gumtree, made sure they are insured and it all went without a hitch. I strongly recommend spending extra money to get someone else to do the move for you, if you have kids I'd probably suggest you get someone to also do the packing. We also got a cleaning company to clean out the old apt, they were very reasonably priced and offered a bond return guarantee. Last thing you want to do when you get your new and wonderful home is to go back to your old crappy one and start cleaning it. There is so much to do in the new house, save your energy where you can.

Still got a few issues to rectify, small minor things but once you're in your new home, all the PD bs just disappears, you're glad to be rid of this build and to just settle in. I feel like I can slowly start breathing again.

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