Montague 21

15 November 2017

PCI, weird viking burglars and a great internet and phone line without Telstra!

Ok! lots has happened since I last updated my blog. I decided not to go see the house until PCI, to get a bit of a surprise. Luckily I have an amazing Site supervisor (Michael Webb, he gave me permission to use his name, and seriously if you're building with PD try to insist having him as your site supervisor) so I felt comfortable just leaving everything up to him.

We just had fun in the meantime buying all the new furniture for the new house. mainly from The Good Guys and from Early Settler- I absolutely LOVE this shop! anyone going for a more of a classic but didn't try too hard look with reasonable prices then this is the place for you! I'll post pics once we move in of everything.

Last week we had someone try to break into our garage and ruined our garage door in the process so we had to reschedule the PCI from Friday till Wednesday. On the positive side they didn't manage to get inside the house...
We were told that a guy in a viking hat has been wandering around our house very early in the morning and that he is suspected of also stealing our water meter- all the stuff he can buy with selling that little bit of copper, lots of gum or chips I suppose..

Our Site supervisor has been working like crazy getting everything done so we will still have handover within the time frame we set before the burglary.

I'll get on with PCI, stay tuned for the Telstra outrageous rip off after that.. 

PCI went very well. A few items needed attention, a lick of paint here and a clean up there, I didn't expect them to find very much, Michael regularly visits our site and makes sure everything is up to standard. After we received Darbecca's report our amazing Site supervisor sent us a detailed email explaining each item Darbecca found and told us what he has been doing to sort it out. Hand-over is scheduled for next Friday and the house looks amazing!!

OMG this floor is flawless~~ <3 

Ceiling fans are great! powerful and quiet

Not much of a garden (yet!)

Sooo a few weeks ago I received and email saying it is time to start contacting Telstra to get our phone and internet lines connected. We called our internet provider TPG and Telstra so they will be both working on it to get it set up as soon as possible because waiting times can reach over 3 months and almost $600 to get connected. We are also very far from a Telstra hub so our internet will be very slow once we get it. Obviously I will not wait 3 months for internet, what will I do without Netflix? They also offer the option of naked ADSL which is basically a wireless wifi which is more expensive and much slower but without the expensive installation and long waiting time. So I opened the webpages of all internet providers over the weekend, put my address in them and see what they will have to offer me. And then I put my address into the Optus website and for some strange reason the website said I can get connected to their cable broadband which is up to 30Mb, free installation and a free modem and no activation fee. Apparently besides Telstra, Optus are the only ones who have their own cables and are able to provide better internet, faster and cheaper. Needless to say I went with Optus and they were able to start installation (for free!!!) the following week, I just booked them for the first day of handover instead..  The only downside is that the cables are overhead but you can get underground ones if you pay your own electrician to do it. I'd rather just go with overhead, it's an established neighborhood with many overhead cables and the cables just get connected to the side of the house, not the center. Maybe in the future when we fill back our coffers we will look into it, in the meanwhile we will spend that money on landscaping :)

I hope the time I took to write all this down will help someone in the future.

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