Montague 21

19 December 2016

Bathroom selection

We went with the standard tiling for the bathroom in Simplicity Dark Grey for the walls and the floors for a seamless look. When choosing the tiles having a matte finish helps with disguising hair and dirt. When choosing a color, if it is too light or too dark you'll have an issue with seeing every spec of dust so we went for something in the middle, once we build the house I'll be able to let you know if my masses of dark hair finally met their match! We are also taking the shower tiles all the way to the ceiling, I'm having second thoughts about this part as it might look odd to take it all the way up and not do an entire wall. Did anyone reading this do a similar thing? Care to share?
We also have some feature tiling under the mirrors in both bathrooms and around the bathtub in the main bathroom in Bricklane Cemento. We also decided to indulge ourselves with a nicer shower rail for the ensuit and move the promotion shower rail to the main bathroom. Cupboard and benchtop same wooden laminate design called Domain.

List of upgrades:

Extending tiles to ceiling in both bathrooms- $210
Bricklane Cemento feature tiles- $200
Lexi Square twin rail shower- $293
Moving promotion shower rail to main bathroom- $35 (can't believe they charge you for this)
Kado Cirque Rd basin- $74 each= $148 (only upgraded in ensuit)
2 Toilets- $40
Toilet roll holder- $70

same tile as the one on top just with how it should be if it weren't for the bad photo light

 That's it for now! electrical selection coming up next~

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