Montague 21

19 December 2016


After the exterior design part of Wos in which it was mainly "standard is fine, thank you" we went to the Kitchen selection in which it was UPGRADE EVERYTHING!!! well... maybe not everything, we kept the appliances (sort of) but seeing as the kitchen is the most important part of the house (imo anyway) it should be met with a strong budget. How did I come up with the $20k budget? I actually contacted some kitchen manufacturers and asked them for an approximation on building a new kitchen so I'll know how much it would cost me to change the kitchen post handover and so $20k seemed like a reasonable figure. It is outrageous to think about the mark-up and the fact that it's just upgrades and not a whole kitchen from scratch but I made my peace with it before hand so I can enjoy the process.

Our style of kitchen is classic.
our upgrades:
Colonial square profile and silk finish- $5k upgrade
Category 4 Silestone benchtop to island - $830
Category 1 Silestone benchtop to ext kitchen option- $1k (apparently if you choose a non standard house then the extended kitchen is not covered by the promotions, though floors are, no idea how they make these rules)
1 bank of 2 drawers - $150
1 bank of 3 drawers - $213
fancy shmancy bin drawer - $539
upgraded handles - $300
Sink - $509
back-splash tiles just a small area (make sure you're sitting down for this) - $2k (Australian made and custom made per order, I had too, was the only one I liked, don't judge me 😨)
Integral dishwasher- tons of money! tbc.. still negotiating this. for now it stands at around $2600

With the expensive dishwasher (which I will try and justify in a minute) we are looking at around $13.5k.
The deal with the dishwasher- I am spending so much money on this classic kitchen and the standard free dishwasher is stainless steel and is in a central location of the kitchen. I thought about moving it to the island but then the sink needs to move too and I love how you can see the outside from the sink and it's the perfect prep area so the only choice I have is to have an integrated dishwasher. The board from Kitchen culture is priced at around 800$ and the dishwasher at 1800$, I'm trying to see if there is a cheaper dishwasher option as they quoted me for a blanco and not for the Technika which should be cheaper, pray it's a lot cheaper.

Island - Gunmetal and Lagoon for benchtop
Base kitchen and overheads - White
Tiles - Infinity Brighton - Mineral

Tiles, will be in a slightly light blue color

our stove

beautiful tap!

great sink

base kitchen and below island

color inspiration

Post tender update: we decided not to have a dishwasher so we were refunded $500 for the promotional tecnika one and we will simply get a white dishwasher post-build that will blend better with the kitchen.


  1. Hi there, we are building a Kew 28 currently. I love the colonial kitchen cabinet idea. My dream kitchen. But the prices have scared me :(

    I am just wondering did you use the colonial style for all your cupboard doors (above the stove and island bench) as well as a wrap around the island bench.... if that makes sense.

    $5,000 is at the top of our budget so I just want to get an idea of pricing.

    1. Hi.
      Yes, I got it for the whole kitchen cupboards, overhead cupboards and wrap around the island bench. The kitchen is so central especially with open plan concept. I hate how they mark things up but the kitchen is just too important.

  2. Thanks Heaps :)

    We are going to WoS on the weekend so hopefully we can get a figure there as well.

    I agree the kitChen for us is the main entertaining area. We want it to look great!

    Regards Marie

    1. If you go early you might even have someone from Wos to tag along and explain everything to you including some of the prices. Good luck and I hope you get your dream kitchen!!