Montague 21

19 December 2016

Electrical appointment

Reading different blogs and scouring the forums it seems to be the consensus that you do not do anything with electrical upgrades that you can do post hand-over. I am fairly certain that I could find a slightly better and cheaper deal than the one Porter Davis gave us, but seeing as we are building a single story access home the profit will not justify the headache. And so we decided to do all the electrical upgrades with Porter Davis except the light pendants as their choice of fixtures is very small and we would like a couple of statement piece light pendants. Our major expenditure was ceiling fans which are absolutely perfect for sleeping during the hot summer nights if A/C is too much for you.
I do not have the exact pricing for anything because we did not receive it with our paperwork but each ceiling fan for the bedroom with a light fixture on it cost approx 350$. We added another very nice ceiling fan to the living area and the grand alfresco each at a cost of approx 500$. I am sure they will prove to be a smart investment.  
Some of the other main additions:
We added a few flood lights to the outside with motion sensors which will hopefully scare off any wrongdoer coming towards our house.
we added a total of 14 power points because they are only about 50$ each and because no one ever regretted not installing a power-point.
We also added 11 LED lights.
And two noggins for where we would put our future pendant lighting- one above the dinning table and one above the Kitchen island.

Two other things we didn't get are a door bell because A- people can knock and B- you can definitely get much cheaper (also battery powered) door bells elsewhere. And the second thing is an alarm system, there are much cheaper options and all of them include installation so especially with a one story home I do not see the point of getting one.

All in all we ended up paying $5,080

This concludes our World of Style visit,
Hope you've found it helpful and informative.
Let me know in the comments if you have any questions :)

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