Montague 21

19 December 2016

Exterior and floors

As we already went to World of Style (WoS) during the weekend we knew what we wanted to get which made the whole process exciting rather than stressful. But alas we started the day off with a major disappointment! We were told by our sales consultant that we have colorbond roof included (which is much better than a cement tile roof for durability, maintenance and quality of water if we add a water tank, google it). But Wos told us that colorbond roof is not in our contract and is a 3k upgrade!! (say what?!) it kind of ruin the first hour of the experience for me.
Update: A day later and Wos got back to us saying we can have the colorbond for free because they confirmed it with our sales consultant! omg! what a win!! we were almost ready to say yes and spend $3k, good thing he remembered :)

First part of the WoS day is choosing the exterior. We upgraded the brick to Cat2 Access Parchment bricks for $672 because the lightest standard brick color was a bit orangey and we are going for a classic design. Also I want a rose garden at the front that would pop against a light brick. Our roof, colomns and door are the same blue grayish dark color. I think the color scheme is lovely and the red (roses), white (brick) and blue (roof&door) will make for a nice house on Australia day :)
Brick upgrade option

standard option
The floor and carpet are both standard. The carpet is Cat1 Rivendell in Latte colour and the flooring is Cat1 Manhattan (laminate) in Spotted Gum

The wonderful designers at world of style know their stuff and they nailed our design preferences and made sure colors don't clash. I love it that when we wanted a color that clashed with our other colors they weren't afraid to say so.

Next post I'll write about the kitchen~

BIG TIP: in Wos you can only see a small section of the bricks and floors and roof etc. so it's hard to know how it would look on a whole house. after your Wos visit (not appointment!!) make notes of the various things you liked and google their name and try to find whole house images for them, you can also go to the forum:  and use the search box and you might find even more images to help you make your decision :)


  1. Hi there, what colour roof did you end up choosing? Sorry if you wrote it and I missed it.

    1. Hi :)
      The roof that we went with is the upgrade option, it's called ironstone and is colorbond.